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We wanted to share an update on our project in the British Virgin Islands. It’s been a long journey working on this project and the progress is really exciting. The installation is a beautifully illuminated staircase with a thin layer of bamboo to diffuse the LED strip. Additionally, the pavilion has embedded ceiling lighting that ties into the staircase.


In 2020, The Battery Social Club approached us to create a light installation using the trees along the street by their entrance. The goal was to illuminate the canopies of the trees in a way that would allow light to flow through them like a long canvas.

Our threefold strategy used wash fixtures to illuminate the canopies, accenting the shape of the branches with addressable LED pixels, and hanging custom lanternettes from the branches to give the installation a sculptural feel. Dozens of custom designed metal pendants that were inspired by middle eastern lanterns were hand-crafted and hung beneath the canopies. Each pendant contained a high wattage addressable LED pixel creating a cohesive light show from the pendants below up to the tree branches above.

As guests approach the club they are met with a feeling of enchantment as they walk underneath an illuminated canopy. The design transforms what would otherwise be a plain sidewalk in an urban setting into an immersive entrance experience for the venue.


New Episode Of The Luminous Arts Podcast
In our latest episode, Robb speaks with Nick Perillo, the creative mind behind Morph. This kinetic new media installation is truly a genius mix of form, motion, light, and sound. The conversation walks through the creative process and explains how Morph went from concept to reality.
Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

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