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Mechanical Engineer/Designer

Looking for a creative engineer with a history of unconventional work.

  • Must be able to think outside of the box and be able to use past experience to come up with novel ways of designing and fabricating custom systems.
  • Must be fluent in Rhino or another CAD package like Solidworks (Rhino Preferred).  Experience with Grasshopper is a plus.
  • Experience designing and modeling large physical installations involving both mechanical and electrical components.
  • The ideal candidate should have fabrication experience, both manual and automated (CNC, 3D printing, and other computer driven fabrication techniques)

Project Manager

We’re looking for a project manager to manage our processes on a high level, from putting together budgets to leading installation teams on-site.  This person will need to manage schedules and deliverables for technical build and fabrication projects. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Delegate tasks to employees and subcontractors best positioned to complete them.  Oftentimes this involves building custom teams to complete projects in remote locations.
  • Create long and short-term plans for the execution of our projects, including setting targets for milestones and ensuring all parties are adhering to deadlines.  
  • Lead teams of installers and execute design plans.
  • Must have strong creative problem-solving skills and be able to pivot quickly when plans need to change.
  • Must be hyper-organized, able to keep track of budgets and accounting in the field, and handle the logistics necessary to keep a team organized and efficiently working towards a common goal.

Ideal candidates should have experience with electrical/mechanical installations and have experience leading teams in the field and managing complex projects.  Please don’t apply if you’re a software development project manager, this role is for people familiar with physical builds and electrical/mechanical project workflows.





Marketing & Sales Lead

Looking for someone to lead the sales and marketing for the Digital Ambiance brand.  The ideal candidate would be responsible for the following:

  • Taking over the monitoring, maintenance, and adjustment of our “sales outreach machine”.  This machine involves a system that gathers targeted leads and generates the information necessary for direct outreach.  It includes a database of potential clients and a system that keeps track of when they were last contacted and when they need to be contacted next.  The goal of the system is to generate meetings, phone calls, and RFQ’s and keep Digital Ambiance top-of-mind for these people of interest.
  • Keeping track of all RFQ’s and inbound requests.  We get a lot of requests for our services.  These requests need to be cataloged, tracked, and responded to in a timely manner.  RFQ’s must be produced using our internal procedures and followed up on.  The ideal candidate will be able to produce attractive presentations and proposals using typical graphic design tools such as the Adobe Suite.  Knowledge of Rhino, or another 3D modeling package to produce 3D concept inspirations is a plus.
  • Driving new sales via outreach, personal/professional connections, and active “hustling”.  Compensation for this role will be partially based on commission, with successful sales leading to bonuses and higher pay.  This role will be best filled by someone with strong initiative to drive new sales and explore new avenues of opportunity.  Someone with inside knowledge of the architectural/commercial development industries will have an advantage here.

Digital Lighting Systems, Installer

Looking for experts in digital lighting systems. Specifically, people with experience designing, installing, and troubleshooting, addressable LED lighting systems.

  • Must work well as a part of a larger team, comfortable working under a project manager and with other integrators.
  • Must be able to creatively problem-solve.
  • Must be familiar with distributed digital systems, able to effectively debug and troubleshoot.
  • Must be fluent with the tools necessary to assemble and work with digital electronics systems. Tools include but are not limited to:
    -Precision Soldering
    -Basis computer-based diagnostic and testing software

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