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“Cupid’s Koi Garden is the world’s first inflatable fountain: a fantastical artwork that emerges from your ordinary vista like a mirage. The installation is a combination of classical statues depicting cupid and formal civic fountains and is a statement about the malleability of public space and the potential for temporary artworks to introduce frivolity and joy to ordinary life.

Standing at over six metres, the exuberantly decorative ENESS cupid innocently occupies centre stage amongst his ten ornamental Koi fish with their mock terrazzo ponds. Sweet LED eyes belie this delightful water baby’s cheeky nature. Interactive and immersive, Cupid and his Koi squirt jets of water on unsuspecting passers-by whenever they stop to admire his beauty. Try to resist this naughty cupid, who is on a mission to spread love, connection and joyfulness in public space.” – Excerpt from ENESS’ website.

[Media from ENESS’ website]

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