Jack Daniel’s Living Graffiti Wall

Light Enhanced Mural

We were contacted in late 2020 to work with Jack Daniel’s, Hey Mister, and the graffiti artist Abstrk to create a dynamic light-up mural honoring Miami’s Hispanic community and its ongoing resilience during the pandemic.

We worked closely with Abstrk to produce pop-out panels in the shapes of elements he would be painting into the mural.  We lined those shapes with addressable LED and mounted them onto the wall.  The graffiti artist then painted directly over the wooden pop-outs and the wiring connecting the LED to produce a single seamless mural.

“For this piece, I was inspired by the diverse color palettes of Miami — from the sun-tinted beach skylines to the neon-bathed nightlife,” said ABSTRK. “This mural is a celebration of my city, my community and my cultural heritage which I’m proud to share with the world.”

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