Kenu, Custom Lighting

Addressable Custom Lighting for Company Headquarters

In early 2016 the owner of Kenu approached Digital Ambiance with the goal of developing a custom lighting system for their company headquarters.  The goal was to add controllable atmospheric lighting that would illuminate the space for any event or occasion, yet still allow practical lighting during daytime business hours.  Kenu was in the process of transforming the lower levels of the space into a venue complete with a world class sound system and lighting to match.

We studied the architecture of the venue and decided upon a fixture design that would illuminate the concrete archways making up the ceiling.  We would illuminate each archway individually with custom made fixtures that would allow us to run light patterns up and down the length of the room.  The fixtures themselves would be hidden behind sound absorption panels and be invisible, allowing for an incredibly low-impact installation.

Fabrication was completed at the Lumen Labs in Berkeley with 35 CNC routed high quality ply, stripped with 6 lengths of high-density RGB strip each.  Custom drivers and power supplies allowed the independent operation of each fixture in a way that ensured easy servicing and replacement should one fail.

Control over the system was via a central DMX server based on Enttec Light Factory.  This allowed a low-cost yet robust effects engine to create the light patterns that would drive the fixtures.  A custom iPhone control app was created, allowing Ken and his crew to control the lighting on the fly from anywhere in the office.

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