Acura ILX & Metric

A Car With Addressable  Accennt  Lighting for a Promotional Campaign

One of the first projects Digital Ambiance took part in, we were commissioned to develop video content for a custom projection mapped Acura. The marketing agency we worked with was tasked with creating a spectacle for Acura’s grand release of their new model hybrid. To do this they paired with the band Metric to tour with a tricked out ILX outside each venue they played at. They turned to Digital Ambiance to help make the effects that would draw a crowd.

The edges of the car were accented by integrated addressable LED, giving it a decidedly Tron-like look. Internally mounted projectors layered seamless content across the frosted windows of the car. When unsuspecting concert-goers approached, the car seemingly normal car would light up, drawing a crowd and causing a scene.

In addition to accenting the car, we worked with the band to create custom illuminated set pieces for their stage. A responsive illuminated drum kit was constructed that reacted to the drumsticks. Custom LED fixtures were fabricated that were built into the stage itself and controlled by the lighting designer via DMX.

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