‘Volume’ by SOFTlab

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Volume is an interactive cube of responsive mirrors created by the design studio SOFTlab. The installation consists of a grid of a 100 mirror panels that rotate individually and have addressable LEDs along the sides that reflect off the surrounding mirrors. Using several depth cameras mounted above, Volume can locate the nearest person to the installation and rotate the mirrors towards that viewer. The installation’s light movements directly respond to the ambient sound of the space to create a visualization of the excitement of festival-goers.  

“The installation was inspired by the ability of light and sound to form space through reflection and their dependence on atmosphere. Although we often consider this space empty, the air around us is a material made of many particles. Small changes in this volume of transparent material allows light and sound to move through space. The mirrors in our installation represent these particles acting in harmony to challenge and enhance what we see.” – Excerpt from SOFTlab’s website.

(Media from SOFTlab’s website)

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