The Sub Chroma Event

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“Sub Chroma, held in a 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Chicago’s West Loop, is an art technology event featuring galleries of both analog and interactive virtual reality artwork. The main room features a collaborative performance between live musicians, projection mapping artists, and street artists using a revolutionary application of augmented reality.  Using a virtual reality headset, projection mapping applications, and digital painting tools, the collaborative main stage performance bends the limits of reality and perception. Designs created by the artist inside the virtual reality headset are experienced in the physical space through the use of 3 dimensional projection mapping onto the intricately designed sculptures. A live musician performs while models styled in hand designed clothing add spontaneous movements. Through three separate interactive galleries, guests can explore physical paintings and sculptures, virtual reality experiences created by digital artists, and create their own work inside the virtual reality headset.” (Excerpt from event website).

Sub Chroma 2016 will be on November 19th. If you’ll be in Chicago, don’t miss this event! See the event website for more details and to purchase tickets.


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