‘SYNC’ by Daan Roosegaarde

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“SYNC by Roosegaarde is an immersive art installation in which you create your own space. The artwork is a landscape of light where visitors can create their own favorite space, connect with others and visualize their ‘sense of place’. The artwork shows contour lines which become visible by walking over a flexible membrane surface having laser scanning light underneath it. Your presence physically pushes the membrane down to the floor which therefore reveals lines of light. Where you walk a circle of blue light surrounds your presence, interacting with your behavior. With more people the artwork creates shared spaces of light, making new interactive connections between people. Although high-tech, the artwork feels intuitive, with jelly-fish type of shapes occur and disappear. Accompanying the artwork is a special music soundscape, created by Berlin-based musical partnership “Tale of Us”.” – Excerpt from Daan Roosegaarde’s website.

[Media from Daan Roosegaarde’s website]

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