‘River’ by Iregular

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“Iregular proposed RIVER, an installation inspired by the horizontal shape of the canvas provided, adopting an organic form alluding to a water stream. It is created using a 11mx2m LED mesh sculpture and a software infinitely producing generative content. Visible from the outside through big glass windows, the piece “listens” to all the activities happening within the bank and reacts to the sounds by creating wave-like visual textures mimicking water ripple effects. RIVER is permanently installed in the branch since April 2019. Rivers are reflections of the towns, cities, and villages they run through. Similarly, this installation reflects the environment of the branch it is in. A more active environment creates a more active RIVER. Playing with the mic sensibility, the piece only processes the sounds inside the bank during the busy days, but ventures outdoors in the street surroundings as things calm down between the inner walls at night.” – Excerpt from Iregular.

[Media from Iregular]



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