Tamara Mellon: Floating Shoe Booth

An Elegant Product Display Experience

In April of 2018 Elevate My Brand approached Digital Ambiance about building and deploying a tradeshow booth for up and coming fashion shoe brand Tamara Mellon at the Create and Cultivate Conference in NYC.

The turnaround for this project was approximately 30 days from design to deployment.  This is a rigorous timeframe that showcases our adaptability and scope of services.

The concept came from the client and was based on the existing Tamara Mellon storefront in Los Angeles.

We modeled a deployable version in 3D CAD to ensure the dimensions and build were exactly what the client wanted.

The project presented a unique construction challenge with a few notable features.  Each unit is a 4’x8’x1’ piece of custom shelving and there are 4 total.  The size of the units end to end create an 8’x8’ wall panel which creates a sense of opulence and scale as they enter the space.

The shelves themselves are made entirely from acrylic which gives a clean and modern impression of sophistication. They are inset into routed channels in the wood to create a “floating effect” which is a very modern and trending look right now.

In a channel behind each shelf is a series of cool white LED’s which catch the edge of each shelf and “Underline” the product with a diffuse beam of light.  The result makes for an overwhelming display of brightness that accents rather than detracts from the shoes themselves.

Lastly, a wall of acrylic mirrors was added to the booth and branded with decals to finalize the experience of trying on the product as well as create a natural selfie photo moment for the guests.

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