Spear Street Chandelier

Beautiful Nature Inspired Content

Digital Ambiance was approached by One Hat One Hand to design and fabricate the illuminated elements of a large-scale lighting sculpture in Google’s Spear St. office in San Francisco.  The concept was designed by Brooklyn-based studio Office of Things.

Our scope was to design, engineer and fabricate the electrical and lighting system for this piece.  In addition, we were tasked with fabrication of the acrylic curves themselves.  We worked closely with our partners at One Hat to design the shape of the fixtures, the structure of the piping making up the body of the piece, and the system mechanics.  

The challenge was designing a system that would accommodate significant power and the data for the programmable LEDs to pass through the same thin metal tubes.  We created custom circuitry that would filter the interference that running the long data and power lines next to each other inside the metal pipes would generate.    

In late 2022, the installation was successfully hung, powered, and programmed.  Updates to content and software are all pushed live and managed remotely.  We’re looking forward to many years of spectacular service from this installation, and a continued relationship with all of our collaboraters.

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