Gumball 3000 & The DMC DeLorean

Custom Light Effects

Gumball 3000: In a cross country race where Lamborghinis and Ferraris are a dime a dozen, our client wanted to drive a car that would make him and his wife stand out from the pack.  He chose the DMC DeLorean as his weapon of choice and asked Digital Ambiance to trick it out with some next level lighting effects.

We developed our own custom waterproof addressable light bar to accent the lines and contours of the vehicle.  They had to be robust enough to withstand the rigors of being mounted on the undercarriage of a car and being driven cross country, yet low profile and elegant.

We worked with our partners at Photonic Bliss to develop custom programming for these fixtures and gave the client control of the system with a custom iPhone app so he could control the lighting remotely.  Equipped with a custom flux capacitor, this car looks stylish in any place and time.

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