Grace Light

Large-scale Immersive Light Installation

Digital Ambiance was approached to work alongside Illuminate and George Zisiadis to help bring together the technology to create Grace Light. Our role on this team was to be responsible for helping acquire, install, and troubleshoot technology for the run of show.

‘Grace Light’ is a site-specific, large-scale immersive light installation presented by Illuminate and Grace Cathedral. Designed and created by Berkley-based artist and designer George Zisiadis, with an original score composed by San Francisco-based music composer Gabriel Gold, ‘Grace Light’ will be welcomed into the episcopal church in the heart of San Francisco to offer visitors the chance to experience the installation starting on Monday, October 21st 2019.

Vistors look upward through a slight atmospheric haze and are enveloped in a 100-foot-tall shifting curtain of light. While either lying down within the labyrinth or standing just outside the light curtains, visitors experience a 15-minute journey of synchronized light and sound as light emanates from the eaves directly above Grace Cathedral’s famed labyrinth. Ben Davis, founder and ceo of Illuminate comments: ‘Grace Light elicits awe, which moves you from your head to your heart. we’re honored and humbled at the opportunity to work with grace cathedral to present a public work of art in this sacred space.’

The realization of Zisiadis’ work of art was made possible by a visionary gift of a powerful 30k-lumen projector from Vulcan inc. Installation of the 30k-lumen projector into the 100 ft up catwalk was done by Immersive Pro.

Photography: © Henrik Kam



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