Fenton Wall

Beautiful Nature Inspired Content

In early 2022, Digital Ambiance was approached by Hines Development and Ansen Seale  to bring an artistic concept to life. Ansen had been chosen to work with Hines through a curatorial effort by UAP and based on the concept of an interactive wave of light that would flow through a pedestrian underpass, washing the liminal space with color while providing a sensory experience for passerbys.  
We worked with Ansen, Hines, UAP, and our own team of engineers and content artists to manifest the concept, design the interactive content, and engineer the system  throughout most of 2022. We developed the engineering and layout for the LED elements, custom software to allow interactivity, and light patterns to follow the motion of people walking through the pedestrian underpass. 
In February, our team arrived in Raleigh to assemble the hardware elements, finalize the software and commission the installation. The Installation was a success and is currently in it’s first year of exhibition.

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