Dropbox "The World @ Work"

A Light Sculpture Activation

“The World @ Work” is an installation designed in collaboration with Barrak Alzaid, Bella Blackburn, Wild Media, and Digital Ambiance for Dropbox. The installation casts a lens on culture and technology bringing together three workers from India, Taiwan, and Germany. The desks on display showcase a microcosm of the cultural values and materialize collaboration and interactivity of cloud computing. The light sculpture in the center visualizes the cloud and the movement of data from one place in the world to another. The arrangement of the desk gives a nod to the Dropbox logo.

Digital Ambiance was pulled in from the start to created concept renders of what the installation could be and design boards for the set  decorations. Once a vision was set, we went to work on engineering and programing the center light sculpture as well as purchasing all of the set decorations. Everything was stage in our space before deployment to assure that all parts worked and fit properly.

Digital Ambiance was also responsible for the depolyment and deinstall of the activation in the San Francisco Dropbox Headquarters. As well as assisting in the activation’s transportion to its next location.

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