Club Light

Mirror Line Entrance With Swirling Infinity Light Effect

In 2013, Cirque Du Soleil and The Light Group partnered to create a new club in Las Vegas.  It would be a club like no one had ever seen before, integrating the performance of Cirque with the absolute latest in A/V technology and innovative stage design.  The concept was one of immersion and they wanted to add decorative elements that truly interacted and responded to the audience.

Digital Ambiance and Photonic Bliss were tapped to create a series of interactive infinity mirrors that would line the entryway into the club.  Consisting of 44 custom mirrors, the walls were lined on both sides to create a tunnel of light that patrons would pass through upon entering.  Each mirror was lined with addressable LED and fitted with a proximity sensor so that as someone passed by the mirror, the lighting would “spin up” in the mirror beside them.

The effect created was magic and resembled running a hand through a bowl of glitter, light swirling behind you as you walked.

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