Case Study: Embedding Animated Lighting in Polished Surfaces

Animated Accent Lighting in Polished Surfaces

We’ve been working on a prototype fixture style where a glowing shape is embedded seamlessly into a polished surface.  In our first test of this we chose to remake the bathroom counter at the Lumen Labs from a slab of redwood.  We created a design to use as the glowing icon and CNC routed it through the hardwood.  The resulting hole was filled with light-diffusing resin, sanded smooth, and then epoxy coated for a glossy finish.  The sink hardware was mounted and an addressable LED board was mounted underneath the resin-filled shape.  The resulting surface is beautiful, with light rippling and flowing through the acrylic icon underneath a water-clear layer of epoxy.

Future plans for this fixture include adding motion sensitivity, so the glow appears and starts to animate only when someone steps up to the counter.  We also plan to integrate an LED faucet which will change the color of the stream of water depending on the temperature.
This concept can easily be applied to any surface; a bartop, tables at a restaurant, or even a door.  The shape can be anything from a logo to flourishes, to something as simple as accent lines.  We’re very excited to take this concept to the next level with one of our clients.

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