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If the arrangement of LEDs in your project is a canvas, then the software you use to create light patterns is your paintbrush.  Over the years we’ve moved from software to software, trying out each and using them for different purposes where they shine brightest.  Below we describe our favorites and try to give an unbiased review of each.  Hopefully, you will also use them to make beautiful innovative light-art.

This software represents the next generation of what’s possible with visual mapping systems.  Smode is a tool that acts more like a real-time game engine.  It’s like taking all of the content generation tools of Maya or Cinema4D and combining them with a mature and full-featured 3D mapping engine.  This is where Smode steals the show.


Madrix has been our primary weapon of choice for LED pixel mapping for our team throughout the years.  It handles 90% of all of our LED content generation needs and is a stable, reliable, and cost-effective way to map light patterns to complex arrangements of LED pixels. 

Light Jams is an interesting and under-appreciated mapping tool.  You could compare it to a synthesizer or a musical instrument that plays light patterns.  Light Jams strikes an interesting balance between scripting and code and visual user interfaces.  Although it’s confined to 2D arrangements of LED’s it allows you to create content in unique and intuitive ways.  We work with many light artists whose primary weapon of choice is E.L.M.

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