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Over the years of building one-off installations, there are a number of fixture designs that we’ve decided would make compelling products to offer here on our site.  They’ve been developed and tested in the heat of battle, proving themselves in the field and designed with an eye for quality, reliability, and style.  All of the fixtures below are made-to-order and can be customized in various ways to meet the needs of your projects.  Just ask!


A beautiful brass and patina sconce, who’s form can be customized to match your project’s aesthetic needs.  With high-density addressable RGBW LED along the back, motion patterns can be created which project against the wall behind the sconce.  These can be subtle and flowing in beautiful warm white or energetic and playful to suit any occasion.


These fixtures are beautiful custom-made brass pendants designed to adorn the canopies of trees and hang within gardens.  Featuring a high-quality controllable RGBW LED light source, these lanternettes are meant to create a magical lightscape allowing patterns to flow across landscaping.

The Moxy Puck is a crystalline inspired chainable light pendant viewable from all angles.  Designed to be suspended horizontally or vertically and available with a variety of housing shapes, this is a very versatile platform meant to enable you to configure your own unique strand mounted fixture.

A unique and eye-catching modular lighting system, our LumaHex panels come in a variety of sizes and geometries.  A virtually limitless variety of arrangements of shapes and configurations can be tiled together to suit the needs of your project!

Noah is renowned for his unique sculptural style. He creates highly intricate and complex geometry by layering wood and acrylic forms. His mastery of symmetry presents an astounding depth of content, always leaving viewers with more to discover.

LED Light bars made for harsh outdoor environments.  Whether you’re adding addressable lighting to a skyscraper, bridge, or walkway, choosing the right technology is the key to a successful outdoor installation.  Our architectural fixtures are made to the highest standards to withstand the harshest environments.

Addressable LED wash fixtures in a variety of high-wattage, outdoor form factors.  A virtually bulletproof, high-wattage, addressable RGBW lighting fixture used to project light across a wide surface area.  Whether you need to create lighting effects across the grounds of an event, illuminate a garden, pool, or patio, or deploy colorful architectural lighting effects across the facade of a building, these fixtures are the perfect solution.

We’ve standardized on a rugged, IP68, multipin connector for most of our products.  Available in 3, 4, or 5-pin configurations, these connectors have proven reliable and durable in the field.  Specify custom lengths and arrangements here.

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