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A pixel-data swiss-army knife, the PixelLauncher series of adapters solves a couple of vexing problems.  A recurring need for us in the deployment of some of our high-end projects is UL Listing.  To list a project under a class II license, your system has to be broken up into pieces according to their power draw.  This means NO electrical connections between these sections.  How do you pass a data signal from one section to another?  Enter the PixelLauncher.  In addition to this function, they also act as a sender/receiver that can reliably “launch” LED pixel data up to 300 meters from the LED controller.  Perfect for those times you want your controllers in a rack and your pixels far away.

Our second generation PixelLauncher Micro, this little board doesn’t even need a sender!  Just put on of these at the end of a long cable run and you can send pixel data up to 250ft right out of your LED controller!

The PixelLauncher Micro was designed out of a need to send pixel data a long way from the LED controller to a very small form-factor receiver device.  The same little board is both the sender and the receiver, using a solder-jumper to set its role as either the sender or the receiver in the pair.  The same width as the standard 10mm LED strip, it’s a perfect solution for situations where you need to run LED strip far away from your controller but don’t have any room for other bulky long-range adapters.  It can handle 5v, 12v, or 24v LED strip, however, because of it’s tiny form factor it only works with 3-wire un-clocked LED strip.

The PixelLauncher Long Range pair was designed to provide a compact solution to send LED pixel data over long distances reliably and securely.  Based around the same isolator chipset as the PixelLauncher Isolator, the Long Range is able to send the output of your LED controller up to 500 feet over a cat5 (or cat6) cable with no loss of signal integrity.  The sender unit conditions corrupted or weak input signals.  With convenient Phoenix connectors on one side and RJ45 connectors on the other, the sender is powered from the LED controller’s output and the receiver has power input (5v to 24v) via a 2-pin Phoenix connector.  Compatible with both clocked and unclocked pixels.

The PixelLauncher Isolator was designed specifically to electrically isolate parts of an LED circuit.  If you are using a number of power supplies to power different sections of an LED installation there’s a good chance you will run into ground loop problems at some point.  To ensure that the data signal going between those various parts are completely isolated, this device will eliminate those common grounding problems and ensure that your installation is able to be field listed under UL Class II rules.  It re-buffers and “cleans up” an LED data signal and passes it through an opto-isolator chip that completely separates the 2 sides of the circuit ensuring glitch-free operation of your pixels.

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