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The translators of the LED world, often overlooked but necessary for any addressable lighting installation are the controllers, adapters, and interfaces that allow all your gear to talk to each other. Controllers allow your mapping software to talk to your LED pixels. Interfaces are the eyes and ears of your installation, allowing your mapping software to interface with sensors and other external equipment. The adapters we list allow you to effectively connect various parts of your LED array together reliably and safely, even pass a UL Field Listing. We’ll give you the rundown on which are our favorites and how we use them!

Advatek is a company comprised of a handful of wizards over in the wilds of Australia. The hardware they’ve developed is rock solid.  Their boards are versatile, can be slotted almost anywhere and the electronics are incredibly robust.  The firmware that runs on these controllers covers all the bases.  Universal across their entire line of products, they include a myriad of useful functions to help integrators like us test and debug our installations.
3 devices that together solve some of the most common and vexing problems we regularly experience in the field.  Transmitting pixel-data over long distances, restoring the quality of LED data signals, and signal isolation for UL Listing.  All with a superbly compact set of devices.

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