Smode is a newcomer to the world of pixel mapping, and it is more of a real-time content development tool than a system specifically designed for mapping LED’s.  Our partnership with the Smode team began as we were searching for a real-time 3D compositing environment that would allow us to map complex 3-dimensional patterns of LEDs.

Think of it this way.  If you have a cloud of LED pixels that are arranged in an installation, and you need to accurately map that out in software and generate 3-D light patterns in real-time to flow through your pixel arrangement, you need a tool that acts more like a video game engine than a traditional mapping tool.  This is where Smode steals the show.  It’s like taking all of the content generation tools of Cinema4D and combining them with a mature and full-featured mapping engine.

Create interactive content that spans projectors, LED pixels, and LCD screens.  Tie in an almost unlimited range of sensors and create complex behaviors and interactions between the real world and your content.  Accurately map intricate arrangements of pixels across many display types and generate content to flow through it all.  This software represents the next generation of what’s possible with mapping and it’s being put through its paces at the Digital Ambiance Labs.

Check out the official Smode Website for a complete list of features, user forums, and training videos.


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