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Over the years our partnership with or manufacturers has grown trusted and strong. We regularly need to specify custom LED strip for our projects, oftentimes in combinations that don’t exist anywhere else on the market. We want to offer this flexibility to our customers and have created a very handy utility to specify the options. Order a custom batch of LED strip in almost any configuration!

There’s a list of commonly used LED strip types below. If none of these strips meet your project’s needs then head over to our advanced configuration tool to fine-tune a custom strip that’s perfectly suited to your designs!

Tunable White

This LED strip allows for the complete fine-tuning of color temperature within a space.  With a fully adjustable color temperature (2600K to 7200K), and high CRI & lumen per watt ratio (90CRI, 125 lm/w) this flexible LED ribbon comes with high-quality VHB backing.  Pair it with any number of commercially available dimmers or controllers in your home or office installation.

Addressable RGBW

Just your basic RGBW addressable LED strip.  Able to reproduce any color (including pastels and true warm white) this strip can be added anywhere a splash of color and motion is needed.  Because there are so many varieties of addressable strip, we’ve configured this as an easy preset for you to use when purchasing RGBW.

Ultra Thin Addressable

Sometimes your application needs an extra narrow LED strip. Our Ultra-thin Addressable preset gives you 60 addressable 3535 (3.5mm x 3.5mm) LED’s per meter on a 6mm wide flexible PCB! We use a 12v native LED pixel so that you can run your strip longer and with less heat loss.

Triple Wide Addressable

When you need to pack maximum addressable lumens into a low volume of space, doubling or tripling the number of LED’s stacked next to each other is the way to go!  We’ve developed this triple-wide addressable LED strip in order to offer maximum brightness in a convenient 20mm wide flex PCB.  Just like our ultra-narrow option, we’ve configured this strip with 12v native LEDs to maximize efficiency and brightness over long runs of strip.

Neon-Flex Addressable

When you need smooth, clean lines of light running along the edges of your installation, neon-flex housing is the name of the game.  Built tough, this IP67 rubber housing perfectly blends the hot-spots of the individual LED diodes for truly beautiful fades and light-patterns.  This preset specifies 5 meter lengths and this strip can’t be easily cut and joined like bare LED strip.  In order to maximize brightness we run this strip at 12v.

Sterilization UV & Tunable White

This is a new preset we’ve added specifically to respond to the strange new times we’re all living through. UVC light is proven to kill virus and bacteria by disrupting DNA reproduction. Because it’s harmful to people, it needs to be used only when people are not in the same area for long periods of time. We’ve designed this strip to work in conjunction with a building management system which can switch the strip from tunable white to UVC during off-peak hours or when the occupancy sensors indicate no one is in the room. Using this technology can help to mitigate the presence of lingering bacteria and viruses on exposed surfaces.
See our Spec Sheet here
Read about the science behind UVC sterilization
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