PixLite T8-S Mk2

The first of Advatek’s new line of professional LED controllers, the Pro version takes the reliability and features found in their OEM controller boards and adds advanced protection circuitry and a case making it the ideal solution for professional installations.  With support for over 16k individual pixels, the ability to send pixel data 300 meters, and a library of over 50 different pixel protocols, it’s the best value for pixel control on the market!

Extreme flexibility

Expanded mode option for data only pixels offers twice as many digital outputs for faster refresh rates and greater flexibility.

Clocked pixel types have adjustable speeds, allowing you to optimize refresh rate with cable length limitations.

Advanced mapping options are available on every output:

Null pixels | Zig-zag | Reversing | Color order | Pixel grouping | Brightness

Super simple setup

Using our lightweight software for Windows or OSX, you can configure PixLite settings with a graphical interface. The Advatek Assistant software allows you to easily discover and manage your PixLite devices without having to become a networking guru.

Over 40+ supported chipsets

Advatek is an industry leader in supported pixel protocols. This controller supports all the common pixel protocols such as WS2801, WS2811/12/12B/13/15, APA102/104, TM180x, SK6812/6822, MY9221/9231 plus many more. Click for a full list of supported protocols.

Flexible network control

E1.31 supports unicast and multicast traffic and IGMP capability makes network setup for large sACN installations a breeze.

Supports Art-Net versions 1 to 4 for great compatibility. Art-Net 4 support allows your lighting software to automatically discover all universes for simplified setup.

Fault Protection

Features industrial strength fault protection on all data outputs resulting in higher reliability and less equipment failures over time. Short circuit and ESD protection as well as protection against common DC voltage levels provides peace of mind for commercial and industrial installations.

Your choice of receiver

All receivers aren’t created equal. Both the PixLite R2F-S and the PixLite R4D-S are compatible with existing PixLite T8 Mk2 and future Mk3 long range controllers. Click for PixLite R2F-S or PixLite R4D-S.

Your choice of mounting brackets

The PixLite T8-S Mk2 is compatible with 3 different Advatek Bracket Kits.

  • Wall Bracket Mounting Kit

  • Single Rack Mounting Kit

  • Dual Rack Mounting Kit




  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V AC

  • Input Fuse: 1A M205 Glass (includes spare)



  • RJ45 Data Outputs (To Receivers): 8

  • Length: 211mm

  • Width: 160mm

  • Height: 42mm

  • Weight: 1.3Kg

  • Case: Texture Metal – Black

  • Ambient Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C

  • Mounting: Rack and Wall mountable



  • Outputs: 24V+ DC fault protection on all outputs

  • ESD: Protection on all data line outputs and Ethernet input


Standard Mode

  • Pixel Outputs: 16

  • RGB Pixels/Output: 1020

  • RGBW Pixels/Output: 768

  • sACN Universes: 96

  • Art-net Universes: 96

Expanded Mode

  • Pixel Outputs (Data Only): 32

  • RGB Pixels/Output: 510

  • RGBW Pixels/Output: 384

  • sACN Universes: 96

  • Art-net Universes: 96

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