PixLite R2F-S/PixLite R4D-S

The PixLite R2F-S and the PixLite R4D-S are a pixel LED receivers that are built to last and have all the protection one needs for peace of mind with professional installations. Paired with a PixLite T8 controller, the PixLite R2F-S & PixLite R4D-S receive differential (long-distance) data and converts it into a pixel ready signal. Perfect for any professional installation, particularly when the LEDs will be separated by some distance. Choosing between the two comes down to how many outputs you need. The PixLite R2F-S supports two fused pixel outputs while the PixLite R4D-S supports up to 4.

2 Dedicated Full Pixel Outputs

2 individually fused outputs suitable for data only (3 wire) and clocked (4 wire) pixel LEDs, each with up to 1020 pixels. Requires any compatible PixLite T8-S transmitter unit.

4 Dedicated Pixel Outputs

4 individually fused outputs suitable for data only (3 wire) pixel LEDS, each with up to 510 pixels. Requires any compatible PixLite T8-S transmitter unit to be configured in expanded mode.

Small Form Factor

Compact, lightweight, slimline unit designed for mounting in tight spaces.

Quick Connect Power

High current clamp connector for fast and reliable power connection.

Fault Protection

Features industrial strength fault protection on all data outputs and input, resulting in higher reliability and less equipment failures over time. Short circuit and ESD protection as well as protection against common DC voltage levels provides peace of mind for commercial and industrial installations.

Each output also includes a 7.5A mini blade fuse which will help protect the LEDs and power supply in a fault condition keeping the installation safe. Built in spare fuse ensures there is always a quick replacement on hand.

Mounting Options

Use the 4 mounting holes in each corner to screw onto a mounting plate or directly into the wall.

Alternatively use the optional Din-Rail Mounting Kit.




  • Recommended Input Voltage: 5V-24V DC

  • Per Output Current Limit: 7.5A (mini blade fuse)



  • Fused Pixel Outputs:

    • PixLite R2F-S – 2

    • PixLite R4D-S – 4

  • Data Inputs (from PixLite Transmitter): 1

  • Length: 95mm

  • Width: 78mm

  • Height: 33mm

  • Weight: 0.2Kg

  • Case: High Strength ABS – Black

  • Ambient Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C

  • Mounting: Directly mountable to wall or plate

  • Accessories: Din-Rail mounting bracket optional extra



  • ESD: All inputs and outputs protected

  • Data Input: 24V+ DC fault protection

  • Pixel Output Data Lines: +/- 30V fault protection

  • Pixel Output Power Lines: Over current and short circuit protection

  • Power Input: Reverse polarity protection


  • Data Only Pixel Outputs: 4

  • Clocked Pixel Outputs:

    • PixLite R2F-S – 2

    • PixLite R4D-S – 0

Indicative Data Limits (set by transmitter):

  • RGB Pixels/Output:

    • PixLite R2F-S – 1020 (510 in expanded mode)

    • PixLite R4D-S – 510

  • RGBW Pixels/Output:

    • PixLite R2F-S – 768 (384 in expanded mode)

    • PixLite R4D-S – 384

  • sACN Universes: 12

  • Art-net Universes: 12

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