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PixelWash Fixtures

Early on we recognized the need for addressable LED pixels in a high-wattage, outdoor form factor. The need to deploy large arrangements of addressable RGBW, weatherproof, wash fixtures, and control these fixtures from our pixel mapping consoles was the motivating factor behind the development of these low-cost fixtures.   The Pixel Wash System was designed to fulfill a simple need for lighting designers until now not addressed by current fixture options on the market.  We needed a bulletproof, addressable RGBW lighting fixture to project high-quality, high-intensity light across a wide surface area.

There were no readily available fixtures that would meet our controllability needs and our customer’s quality and budget requirements.  Finally, we did something about it and designed our own complete system. Whether you are creating lighting effects across the grounds of an event, illuminating a garden, pool, or patio, or just deploying colorful architectural lighting effects across the facade of a building, the Pixel Wash series is a perfect fit!

Custom Configuration

Custom PixelWash Fixtures Form

  • What wattage and housing style do you want?
  • What color powdercoat would you like your fixtures in?
  • How clearly do you want to see the LED pixel in your PixelWash fixtures?
  • What colors would you like your fixture to project?
  • What voltage do you need your fixtures to operate at?
  • What connectors do you need on the ends of your PixelWash fixtures?
  • How will you mount these fixtures?
  • How many total PixelWash fixtures do you need?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

PixelWash Property Descriptions


if you can see this you’re a wizard!

Lamp Size

These addressable fixtures are available in a variety of housing and wattage options.  Choose the style that best suits your application.

  • 10w Cubic: 4.6” x 3.35” x  3.54”

  • 10w Bullet: 5.5” x 4” x 3.5”

  • 20w Cubic: 7.1” x 5.51” x  4.33”

  • 30w Cubic: 8.86” x 7.28” x  4.96”

  • 50w Cubic: 11.18” x 9.13” x  6.1”

  • 60w Cubic: 11.18” x 9.13” x  6.1”

  • 80w Cubic: 14.17” x 11.22” x  4.33”

  • 100w Cubic: 14.17” x 3.54” x  9.65”

Housing Color

Choose the housing color that best suits your installation.

  • Black:  

Great to help these fixtures blend in and disappear in dark areas, at night, or in gardens/outdoors.

  • White:  

A good choice for blending in with light-colored building facades, in conference rooms or other bright colored areas.

Diffuser/ Lense

The degree of transparency of the diffusion cap on your LED bars will determine how defined the LED pixel is.

  • Clear:  

A clear diffusion cap will allow you to clearly see the LED diodes.  This allows the most light to pass through the cap but results in the most pixelated look.

  • Frosted:  

A frosted diffusion cap is semi-opaque, allowing some degree of hot-spotting while obscuring the harshness of the direct light from the LED pixels.

Color Channels

What range of colors does your installation require?

  • RGB:  

RGB is the classic color spectrum for controllable LED lighting.  Able to reproduce any color however it struggles with the warm candle-light feel of an incandescent light bulb or clean daylights.

  • RGBW:  

Able to produce all the colors of an RGB LED, the RGBW LED adds the ability to produce true whites.  The added LED chip adds high-CRI whites to an already impressive dynamic range of colors.

  • Tuneable White:  

When all you need is high-CRI tunable whites, this is the option to choose.  Perfect for functional illumination in a rugged, compact, DMX-controllable form-factor.

Operating Voltage

The ability to choose an operating voltage allows these fixtures to seamlessly integrate into existing lighting systems or with the rest of the lighting your project is rolling out.

  • 12v:  

12v systems are common in automotive, marine, and other addressable installations.  The lower voltage will limit the total length of cable that a string of lamps can occupy and also the number of lamps that can be chained together before a power re-tap is necessary.

  • 24v:  

Still a common voltage in addressable LED systems, 24v operation allows you to run these fixtures over longer runs of cable and chain more of them together between power retaps.

  • 48v:  

The best option for large installations spanning lots of ground, 48v allows you to create the longest runs of cable and chain the most possible fixtures together between power injection points.  If the system you’re building is powered separately from other fixtures in your project using the 48v fixtures will give you the most flexibility.


Large 5-pin:

5-Pin connectors are generally used for fixtures requiring DC power plus DMX signal.  Heavy gauge power wires allow for long chains of high-wattage fixtures.

Mounting Options

The ability to choose an operating voltage allows these fixtures to seamlessly integrate into existing lighting systems or with the rest of the lighting your project is rolling out.

  • C-Bracket:  

The metal C-Bracket is the default mounting option that these fixtures ship with.  You would need to supply your own bolt.  Good for permanent installations where these fixtures will be mounted in place and never have to move.

  • Railing Clamp:  

A good option for mounting these fixtures to railings or square-tube frames.

  • Truss Clamp:  

The truss-clamp will let you mount these fixtures to standard stage box-truss.


A note about lead times and minimum order quantities

These fixtures are designed and manufactured to spec by our manufacturing partners.  When you approach us for an order, we will work with you on the exact needs of your project and then build the order to your specifications.  This means that the lead time for large orders could be 3 to 4 weeks.  Send us your request and we’ll work with you to produce exactly what you need as quickly as possible.

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