PixelLauncher Gen 2 Micro

This is a really unique tool that allows you to send your LED data up to 250 ft right out of your controller.  There is no sender, it’s just a tiny little PCB that you can install right before the LED pixels you want to control.  It cleans up the signal and you’re ready to go!  Essentially all you need is 2 wires, a data and a ground wire coming from your LED controller, and you can pass power for the LED pixels right through this little board!

A limitation in using these Gen2 units lies in the source of your LED data.  Coming from a weak sending device like an Arduino or an LED pixel, the signal isn’t strong enough to push through all that wire.  In a scenario where you’re jumping a long ways out of an LED pixel or from an inexpensive microcontroller you would want to use a Gen1 PL Micro, as these units generate a strong sending signal.

Hookup Diagram

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