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When we were approached to create a system of custom-shaped addressable pixel strands, we knew that we needed to create something unique.  Something that would be durable enough to last outdoors and beautiful enough to stand on its own in a high-end architectural installation.  Our design team designed a crystalline inspired housing that would surround a high-wattage double-sided addressable pendent viewable from all angles.  Engineered to chain together and be suspended horizontally or vertically, the Moxy Puck allows for the creation of curtains of addressable light.  Available with a variety of housing styles as well as the ability to create your own custom shape, this is a very versatile platform meant to enable you to configure your own unique strand-mounted fixture.

Custom Configuration

Custom Moxy Puck Form

Product Descriptions


if you can see this you’re a wizard!

Housing Shape

These addressable fixtures are available in a variety of housing styles.  Choose the style that best suits your application.  Custom forms can be made in a variety of sizes and materials.

  • Crystaline:

  • Round:

Render coming soon

  • Cubic:

Render coming soon

  • Diamond:

Render coming soon

  • Custom:

User-definable dimensions and shape


The wattage of each puck will be determined by the number of discreet LED chips mounted on each.  We use standard size 5050 LED chips mounted to both sides of the puck in order to increase the total wattage and brightness of the fixture.

  • 1.2w:  

6x 5050 LED chips are used in each puck, 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom.

  • 2.4w:  

12x 5050 LED chips are used in each puck, 6 on the top and 6 on the bottom.

  • 4.8w:  

24x 5050 LED chips are used in each puck, 12 on the top and 12 on the bottom.

Color Channels

What range of colors does your installation require?

  • RGB:  

RGB is the classic color spectrum for controllable LED lighting.  Able to reproduce any color however it struggles with the warm candle-light feel of an incandescent light bulb or clean daylights.

  • RGBW:  

Able to produce all the colors of an RGB LED, the RGBW LED adds the ability to produce true whites.  The added LED chip adds high-CRI whites to an already impressive dynamic range of colors.

  •  Tuneable White:

When all you need is high-CRI tunable whites, this is the option to choose.  Perfect for creating ambiance in high-end installations.

Operating Voltage

The ability to choose an operating voltage allows these fixtures to seamlessly integrate into existing lighting systems or with the rest of the lighting your project is rolling out.

  • 12v:  

12v systems are common in automotive, marine, and other addressable installations.  The lower voltage will limit the total length of cable that a string of lamps can occupy and also the number of lamps that can be chained together before a power re-tap is necessary.

  • 24v:  

Still a common voltage in addressable LED systems, 24v operation allows you to run these fixtures over longer runs of cable and chain more of them together between power retaps.

  • 48v:  

The best option for large installations spanning lots of ground, 48v allows you to create the longest runs of cable and chain the most possible fixtures together between power injection points.  If the system you’re building is powered separately from other fixtures in your project using the 48v fixtures will give you the most flexibility.


Large 4-pin: 

Large 4-pin connectors are ideal for fixtures that require DC power plus clock and data signals.  For example, they are commonly used on our Pixel Bar fixtures.  With the same heavy gauge power wires, they are ideal for long runs of high-wattage fixtures.


A note about lead times and minimum order quantities

These fixtures are designed and manufactured to spec by our manufacturing partners.  When you approach us for an order, we will work with you on the exact needs of your project and then build the pucks to your specifications.  This means that the lead time for large orders could be 3 to 4 weeks.  Send us your request and we’ll work with you to produce exactly what you need as quickly as possible.

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