Madrix has been our primary weapon of choice for LED pixel mapping for our team throughout the years.  It handles 90% of all of our LED content generation needs and is a stable, reliable, and cost-effective way to map light patterns to complex arrangements of LED pixels.  Madrix’s learning curve can seem a little steep at first.  The way that the developers think about the layout and user interface took us a little bit of getting used to.  But there are lots of tutorial videos available online, and the userbase and online forums are very active and responsive.  We’ve never had a problem getting ahold of the information we needed to make our installations work with this software.  It can be configured to do everything from very basic light patterns on a few pixels to very complex mapping across hundreds of thousands of LEDs.  We recommend Madrix as a pixel mapping workhorse and a solid choice for most of your basic LED content creation needs.

Check out the official Madrix webpage for a Full Feature List and great examples of how Madrix has been used in applications around the globe.


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