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Linear Lighting System

Extruded aluminum channel is the ideal way to accent architectural features with a smooth & uniform glow.  Available in dozens of styles, it’s easy to find a product that will integrate cleanly and unobtrusively into your project.  We put this collection together to use on our client’s high-end commercial and residential installs.  An easy to deploy kit of parts that allows for almost unlimited combinations and looks. Now we’re offering it to you to do the same.

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Advanced Configurations

Linear Lighting System Fixture Form

Lighting System Property Descriptions


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Intended Application

The various styles of linear profile are broken down by installation type.  The location you would like to install your recessed lighting will determine the category of linear profile.

  • Surface Mount:

Adheres to the surface of a wall, protruding outwards, useful for situations where creating a channel to embed linear profile isn’t possible.

  • Hanging Pendant

For creating free-hanging linear fixtures, perhaps by cables anchored into the ceiling.

  • Recessed

Embedded into a ceiling or wall.

  • Corner

Nested into the corner of a room.

  • Floor:

Embedded into the flooring material.

  • Staircase

Illuminating the treads of a staircase.

  • Glass Shelf

Casting light into the edge of a glass shelf, creating a “glowing shelf” effect.

  • Waterproof

Useful for outdoor installations.

Bar Style

This is where you choose the individual profile style you need for your recessed lighting. For a more complete description including measurements of each, please refer to our full catalog.

Diffuser Type

How diffused do you need the LED pixels to be within the channel?  This will determine how clearly a viewer can make out the individual LED pixels and how pronounced the hot-spot from each diode will be.

  • Clear:  

A clear cap offers no diffusion, allowing the viewer to see the LED directly.  This is not ideal in areas where the profile will be viewed head-on as the glare from LED pixels can be harsh, but can be useful for hidden locations where every available lumen is needed out of the LED chips.

  • Frosted:  

The frosted cap is a 30% opaque plastic, meaning 30% of the light will be absorbed.  It will soften the hot-spots from the LED diodes, but will not result in a completely smooth transition between diodes.

  • Milky:  

When maximum diffusion is needed for profile fixtures directly in line-of-site with the viewer, this is the recommended choice.  It is a 60% opaque plastic, meaning 60% of the light will be absorbed by the cover.  It is the best option for fully diffusing hot-spots.

Annodized Finish

We have the ability to supply any of our profiles in black, silver, or a custom color of your choosing. 

  • Black:

  • White:  

  • Silver:  

  • Custom:  

Specify a custom color and we can have your profiles delivered in a color of your choosing.

Mounting Options

Depending on the location and environment in which your profile fixtures will be installed it will be necessary to specify the type of mounting accessories needed for your project.  Each is suited to a different style of profile and environment.

  • Plastic Mounting Clips

Ideal for surface mount applications where clear clips are desirable.

  • Metal Mounting Clips:

Ideal for surface mount applications where metal finished clips are desirable.

  • Adjustable Bracket

Brackets allowing you to mount your profile fixtures at specific angles.

  • Recessed Spring Clip:

Clip mounts used to hold in-ceiling and in-wall fixtures in place.

  • Wire Rope:

Perfect for hanging pendant fixtures.

  • In-Wall Mounting Bracket

Useful for integrating in-wall profiles into drywall installations.

Joiner Accessories

One of the amazing properties of aluminum profile is the ability to join pieces together using these accessories.  A wide variety of geometries can be achieved to match any aesthetic and fit into any location.  Below are the various shapes available to join linear pieces of channel together to form more complex arrangements.

  • X-Shape: 

Creates a 4-way junction where runs of channel intersect.

  • T-Shape: 

Creates a 3-way junction where runs of channel intersect.

  • L1  Shape: 

Creates a 90 deg bend in runs of channel along the X/Y Axis.

  • L2 Shape: 

Creates a 90 deg bend in runs of channel with the LED visible on the outside of the bend.

  • L3 Shape:

Creates a 90 deg bend in runs of channel with the LED visible on the inside of the bend.


With these profiles, we have a minimum order size.  The minimum order is dependent on the types of profile chosen.  Contact us to see if your project qualifies!


A note about lead times and minimum order quantities.

These fixtures are designed and manufactured to spec by our manufacturing partners. When you approach us for an order, we will work with you on the exact needs of your project and then build the order to your specifications. This means that the lead time for large orders could be 3 to 4 weeks. There are minimum order quantities that apply to products in this category. Send us your request and we’ll work with you to produce exactly what you need as quickly as possible.

Sample Kit

The sample kit contains a number of profiles.  This is very helpful for choosing the right profile styles for your project.

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