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Kvant Spectrum Series

The Kvant Spectrum series of laser show projectors are the world’s premier high-powered show laser system, designed for large scale events in stadiums, concerts, outdoor festivals, large tours, and any application when you need maximum laser power, with peak laser performance.

Every Spectrum laser is designed with semiconductor-diode and coherent OPSL laser technology, to provide you with incredibly high power and pin-point accuracy, all built within a robust "tour ready housing", making it the ideal laser for all types of outdoor laser shows.

Inside every Spectrum's field-tested housing, is a perfectly fitted high performance optical scanning system, and Pangolin’s integrated FB4-SK laser show control hardware, giving you the ability to control directly from a lighting console (over DMX/ArtNET), PC, or in auto-mode.

Spectrums are designed with a patented OPSL laser technology from Coherent, which offers unparalleled brightness from extremely long distances, which is why they preform so well in large scale outdoor laser shows.








Spectrum Series Options

Kvant Spectrum 34 ROGB

FB4-SK System Control

Guaranteed opt. output [mW] – 34000

Specification Sheet

Kvant Spectrum 55 RYGB

FB4-SK System Control

Guaranteed opt. output [mW] – 55000

Specification Sheet


Kvant LD Spectrum 37

FB4-SK System Control

Guaranteed opt. output [mW] – 37000

Specification Sheet


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