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Kvant LogoLas Series

The Logolas series of laser show projectors are designed for permanent outdoor laser advertising and digital signage displays, allowing you to easily create incredible outdoor laser billboard advertisements, in the matter of seconds.

Logolas lasers has two main principals – Simplicity and Reliability. With the specially designed version of the FB4 Control Hardware built into Logolas, you can easily control turn your show laser projector into the ultimate outdoor laser advertising system! Giving you the ability to control the laser system remotely, or with the included easy to use laser show control software.

To make the Logolas the ideal outdoor laser system, internals of the laser projector are built inside a weather-proof housing, optimized to ensure a long-life span and reduce the amount of maintenance required. For extremely cold environments, the Logolas can be equipped with an optional heating system.

Logolas lasers come in four different models, starting with a 2-Watt Full Color RGB Laser, going up to a 10-Watt Green OPSL Laser, which can provide projection distances of up to 1km, creating the ultimate outdoor laser billboard system!













LogoLas Series Options

Kvant LogoLas 2000

FB4-SK System Control

Guaranteed opt. output [mW] – 2000

Throw up to 100 ft.

Specification Sheet

Kvant LogoLas 3000

FB4-SK System Control

Guaranteed opt. output [mW] – 3000

Throw 100 – 165 ft.

Specification Sheet

Kvant LogoLas 6000

FB4-SK System Control

Guaranteed opt. output [mW] – 6000

Throw 165 ft. +

Specification Sheet



  • Logolas 2000/3000

These models are designed for high quality permanent outdoor laser display, allowing you to project incredible laser animations, graphics, logos, text and more.

  • Logolas 6000

Bump up the power with the Logolas 6000, the Logolas 6000 features all that the 2W and 3W models do, but at a much higher power output of 6W! Allowing your laser projections to be quite a bit brighter, and more visible than the lower wattage models.

  • What does RGBY stand for?

RBGY = Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. These models include an additional OPSL yellow laser module, which allows them to produce a wider and more vibrant array of colors.


Feel free to contact us or select “Help Me Decide” to get help picking the best option for your project.

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