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Kvant Atom Series

These innovative Kvant Atom series laser show projectors are the bride between the Spectrum Series and Clubmax Series laser projectors, providing a balance between high power/performance, and an affordable price point with the show laser system.

All Kvant Atom's contains the latest in today's semiconductor-diode laser technology, built inside a robust "tour ready housing", controlled using the specially designed FB4-SK laser show control hardware. The Atom series range from a 9-Watt graphic laser systems, to an impressive 33-Watt RGBY outdoor laser projection system.

Kvant Atom series are designed as touring lasers, festival lasers, and stadium lasers, for large scale indoor/outdoor shows and events. The Atom is great for lighting designers, as it provides DMX laser and ArtNET control capabilities, allowing for it to be controlled from a PC, lighting console, or in auto-mode.

When you need a high-powered outdoor show laser system, that balances price, performance, and value. Then the Atom is the way to go!












Atom Series Options

Kvant Atom 20

FB4-SK System Control

Guaranteed opt. output [mW] – 20000

Specification Sheet

Kvant Atom 30

FB4-SK System Control

Guaranteed opt. output [mW] – 28800

Specification Sheet

Kvant Atom 33 RGBY

FB4-SK System Control

Guaranteed opt. output [mW] – 33000

Specification Sheet



  • Spectrum 20/25/30 | Venues of 10K+ People

These models are designed for large outdoor displays, when you need peak power and performance to produce incredible aerial laser effects.

  • Spectrum 33 RGBY | Venues of 10K+ People

These models are designed for the largest outdoor laser display, when you want to take it up a notch and include the OPSL yellow laser module. Giving you a wider array of colors, brighter beams, and more power compared to the non-RBGY models.

  • What does RGBY stand for?

RBGY = Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. These models include an additional OPSL yellow laser module, which allows them to produce a wider and more vibrant array of colors.


Feel free to contact us or select “Help Me Decide” to get help picking the best option for your project.

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