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HIVE: IoTAS Control Solution

The inspiration for our IoT control system came from a need for an inexpensive, open-source, rapidly deployable building management system (BMS) that would work with the hundreds of IoT peripherals being developed by dozens of manufacturers.  There are numerous existing BMS systems on the market, but they tend to be extremely expensive and only work with a small ecosystem of hardware made by the manufacturer of the control system.


What if you like the way Lutron dimmers look and feel but love the features and price of the Aeotec occupancy sensors?  Maybe you need to create complex rules that govern the behavior of devices from a range of manufacturers already installed in a property and don’t want to be locked into the expensive ecosystems of the traditional building management systems.  Our BMS was designed from the ground up to work with any IoT device, no matter where it came from or who made it.

Once we developed the UVC/Tunable white sanitation LED described above, we realized that our new BMS is the perfect platform to control these fixtures.  Not only is it inexpensive, wireless, and very small, it’s also capable of managing the complex set of rules that ensure that our UVC LED strip is used safely.  We are currently developing versions of this control system that are small enough to fit inside a lighting fixture and uses wireless, battery-operated motion sensors to set up a rapidly deployable system in any public space.  No complicated wiring, or modification to the room is necessary.  Everything is wireless, surface mount, and plugs into a standard outlet.

Custom Configuration

HIVE: IoTAS Control Solution Form

HIVE: IoTAS Control Solution

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