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Elm is a relatively new entrant to the pixel mapping scene with a different approach to mapping that allows users to create curves and complex geometries.  In a world where pixels don’t always live on grids, this feature is really essential in many of our installations.

These days we use Elm for our more sculptural projects where strings of pixels hug the contours of curves and non-rectangular features.

It’s got a robust content system that allows users to load shaders and other generative content to create some very complex looks.  It arranges content into stages (instead of layers) which can be combined with blending modes to create very complex looks.

New to ELM is a method of 3D mapping that makes use of stacked slices of pixels (much like Madrix).  It’s pretty intuitive and there’s plenty of tutorials online to guide you through the most common features and workflows.

All in all, ELM is a very capable mapping software available at very competitive pricing.


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