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Custom Cable

When we needed to find a universal connector to use in our installations, it was important for us to find a product that was waterproof, had a high current-carrying capacity, and was reasonably priced.  We settled on this molded connector and cable combination to fulfill that need.  With 2x 18AWG power wires and either 2x or 3x 22AWG data wires inside these cables, they are ideally suited to long runs in outdoor environments.

We can make you custom cable assemblies for a variety of purposes.  Straight-through extension cables, power-injection cables to add in additional power supplies where they are needed, data-injection cables to get signal into your cable chain, and more.  If you have a need for a custom cable solution not listed here, reach out and let us know.  We’ll work with you to design and produce the perfect cable assembly for your project.

Custom Configuration

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Cable Properties


if you can see this you’re a wizard!

Type of Cable

Cables and adapters come in many styles and configurations.  Choose the cable type based on the application and purpose you will need it to fulfill.  Feel free to reach out to us for custom configurations.

  • Straight-Through:

Essentially an extension cable, with a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other.

Cable Diagram

  • Power Injection:  

The purpose of this adapter cable is to allow power from a new power source to be injected into a chain of fixtures.  It disconnects the positive voltage coming from the last power source while maintaining the negative connection for glitch-free transmission of the digital signal.

Cable Diagram

  • Data Injection:

At the beginning of your chain of fixtures, you need a way to plug in both a power supply and your data source.  This adapter cable allows you to do just that with a variety of available data plugs such as XLR, Phone Jack, RJ45, and more (specify the type of connector in the notes on your order).

Cable Diagram

  • Programmer:

Technically this is a dongle, but we figure it kind of fits into this cable category.  The programmer allows you to assign a DMX address to our PixelWash fixtures.  Just plug a power source into the programmer and the data plug into the fixture, specify the desired address, and hit send!

  • Custom:

Tell us what kind of cable configuration you need for your project.  We’ll make it happen!

Cable Color

Depending on the application, cable color can be very important.  Do you want to tuck your cables into the corner of a white wall in a conference center, or hide them in a garden?

Length of Cable

Specify the length of your cable assembly.  For the power injection and data injection variety, the length specified will be used for each leg of the adapter.


  • Large 4-pin:  

Large 4-pin connectors are ideal for fixtures that require DC power plus clock and data signals.  For example, they are commonly used on our Pixel Bar fixtures.  With the same heavy gauge power wires, they are ideal for long runs of high-wattage fixtures.

  • Large 5-pin:  

5-Pin connectors are generally used for fixtures requiring DC power plus DMX signal, such as our PixelWash fixtures.  Heavy gauge power wires allow for long chains of high-wattage fixtures.

  • Mini 4-pin:  

When you need a low-profile connector to connect individual fixtures or sconces to a system, the mini 4-pin is the name of the game.  Because of its small form factor, the power wires inside these cables are limited to 20 gauge.


A note about lead times and minimum order quantities

These fixtures are designed and manufactured to spec by our manufacturing partners.  When you approach us for an order, we will work with you on the exact needs of your project and then build the order to your specifications.  This means that the lead time for large orders could be 3 to 4 weeks.  Send us your request and we’ll work with you to produce exactly what you need as quickly as possible.

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