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Battery Sconce

The Battery is a high-end private members club located in the heart of San Francisco’s bustling financial district.  We were approached to do a complete redesign of the iconic lounge’s lighting.  In addition to a unique sense of class and style, the lighting needed to transform from an elegant dinner restaurant into an energetic dance club.  In conjunction with our fabrication partners, Tesseract, we re-envisioned the role that a traditional sconce plays in setting the atmosphere and created an RGBW controllable lighting fixture within a custom patina brass body.  With addressable RGBW LED lining the back and up and down washes illuminating the structural beams that they mount to, motion patterns can be programmed into these lighting fixtures to create subtle warm white animations or energetic rippling color patterns.  The results speak for themselves.

This design is just one example of many styles that can be custom-fabricated to suit the design criteria of your project.  Are angular lines and contrasting neo-industrial aesthetic not the style you’re after?  Ask us about customizing this concept to your own unique installation.

Custom Configuration

Battery Sconce Order Form

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  • What colors would you like your sconce to reproduce?
  • What voltage do you need your fixtures to operate at?
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Property Descriptions


if you can see this you’re a wizard!

Housing Design

The example sconce shown in the pictures is just one body of many possible configurations.  Want something off the shelf?  We’re happy to reproduce what we’ve already done.  Want something custom?  We’d be delighted to work with you on a custom design.


Render coming soon


Render coming soon


User-definable dimensions and shape

Housing Finish

There are a number of ways that we can treat the metal of the sconce body to achieve various looks.  Aged with patina, anodized black, or brushed silver to fit any environment

Patina Steel:  

Patina is a process in which acids are used to create an aged look, much like bronze left out to weather.  It can produce a rustic, classic look and feel.

Anodized Black:  

A black finish produces a decidedly sleek looking fixture.  Designed to be less noticeable and blend in while turned off, it’s a surprise when the lights come on seemingly out of nowhere.

Brushed Silver:  

To create a modern and affluent look we recommend going with a brushed silver finish.  A perfect compliment to bright interior spaces, the brushed silver conveys class and style without being gaudy.

Hardware Finish

There are a number of ways that we can treat the metal of the sconce body to achieve various looks.  Aged with patina, anodized black, or brushed silver to fit any environment.

  • Brass:


  • Anodized Black:  

  • Chrome:

Color Channels

The colors that you want to reproduce with your sconces will help determine the ambiance created in the environment.  What kind of emotional message are you looking to convey in your space?


RGB is the classic color spectrum for controllable LED lighting.  Able to reproduce any color however it struggles with the warm candle-light feel of an incandescent light bulb.


Able to produce all the colors of an RGB LED, the RGBW LED adds the ability to produce true whites.  This can create a high-quality warmth and glow that is so essential in many environments.

Tunable White:  

When all that is needed is different temperatures of white light, tunable white LEDs are just the thing.  Motion patterns can still be programmed with these LEDs, the patterns ranging from warm candle-light to bright daylight on command.

Operating Voltage

The ability to choose an operating voltage allows these fixtures to seamlessly integrate into existing lighting systems or with the rest of the lighting your project is rolling out.

  • 12v:  

12v systems are common in automotive, marine, and other addressable installations.  The lower voltage will limit the total length of cable that a string of lamps can occupy and also the number of lamps that can be chained together before a power re-tap is necessary.


Mini 4-pin: 

When you need a low-profile connector to connect individual fixtures or sconces to a system, the mini 4-pin is the name of the game.  Because of its small form factor, the power wires inside these cables are limited to 20 gauge.


A note about lead times and

minimum order quantities

These fixtures are designed and manufactured to spec, in-house.  When you approach us for an order, we will work with you on the exact design and then build the sconces to your specifications.  This means that the lead time for large orders could be 3 to 4 weeks.  Send us your request and we’ll work with you to produce exactly what you need as quickly as possible.

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