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Indoor Addressable Pixel Bars

LED Pixel Bars are a convenient way to package and rapidly deploy addressable LED designs.  Mountable in a variety of ways, they can be hung from ceilings, used to accent architectural edge features, or arranged in cascading geometric patterns.

Until there was a native 12v addressable LED pixel on the market, LED bars were much lower resolution and more expensive.  Previously, LED bars either relied on integrated transformers to step down the higher voltage necessary chain lots of them together or they used groups of LEDs which would dramatically lower the resolution of the system.  We use native 12v. LED strip, allowing up to 10 meters of high-resolution LED bar to be chained together between power injection, while maintaining individual control over each and every LED.  Use any of the Pixel Controllers we sell to control groups of LED bars just like controlling LED strip.


Custom Configuration

Custom Addressable

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Addressable Pixel Bar Properties


if you can see this you’re a wizard!

Bar Style

These are the LED bar styles we most commonly use.  Other shapes are available upon request, just check out our linear profile brochure for a complete list of options.

  • A traditional square profile bar, flat on top with a heatsinked body.  This profile is ideal for situations where they will be viewed head-on.  With a narrower dispersion angle than the other profiles, this bar style creates clean, narrow bands of light framed in by the metal of the housing.

  • A mushroom-shaped diffusion cap creates an even line of illumination all the way down the bar-length.  Its rounded cap makes it ideal for situations where people will be viewing these fixtures from wide angles from center.  The cap wraps completely around the body making the entire visible surface of this bar glow with no visible metal.

  • One of our rounded profiles, this LED bar style looks great hanging from the ceiling.  Its wide domed lens gives it a distinctly neon-look, especially when viewed from head-on or directly underneath.

  • This profile is the closest we come to a fully 360 deg LED bar.  The ultra-wide domed diffuser scatters light in a 270 deg arc around the base making it another ideal profile for hanging from a ceiling.  Because of its large size, it can accommodate a triple-wide LED strip for when that ultra-bright look is required.

Length of Bar

We can produce addressable LED bars in any length up to 3 meters (9.8 feet).  Perfect for custom tailoring these LED bar products to a specific installation

  • 1 meter:  3.28 feet

  • 2 meters:  6.56 feet

  • 3 meters:  9.84 feet


The degree of transparency of the diffusion cap on your LED bars will determine how defined the LED pixel is.

  • Clear:  

A clear diffusion cap will allow you to clearly see the LED diodes.  This allows the most light to pass through the cap but results in the most pixelated look.

  • Frosted:  

A frosted diffusion cap is semi-opaque, allowing some degree of hot-spotting while obscuring the harshness of the direct light from the LED pixels.

  • Milky:  

A milky diffuser will obscure the vast majority of the hot-spotting resulting in the smoothest gradient between pixels.  This style of diffuser also absorbs the most light of the 3.

Annodized Finish

Available in both silver and black, what finish do you want on your LED bars?

  • Silver:  

Silver bars blend in well with truss and white backgrounds

  • Black:

Anodized black LED bars work well for nightclubs and venues

  • Custom Color:

We can have custom LED channel made in a specific color to meet the needs of your project.  Minimum order quantities apply, send us an inquiry with your request for more info.

LED Strip

The LED strip that’s integrated into your LED bars will have a direct effect on how many bars you can chain together before power needs to be re-injected and also the resolution of your pixel bars (how many addressable segments are inside each bar).

  • 12v. 60 pixel per meter:  

Using the GS8208 12v native addressable pixel we are able to offer an LED bar with 60 individually addressable LED’s inside each meter of bar!  At 12v you will be able to chain up to 10 meters of this bar together before needing to re-inject power.  This is an ideal choice for permanent installations where high resolution is a must.

  • 24v. 15 pixels per meter:

Using the USC2904 we are able to bring the operating voltage of these bars up to 24v.  This allows you to run up to 15 meters of bar before re-injecting power but comes at the cost of resolution.  Each bar will have 60 LED’s per meter but only 15 addressable groups (6 LED’s per addressable segment).

  • Custom LED Strip:

Contact us about using a custom LED strip inside your LED Bars.  You can head over to our advanced LED strip customizer to sort out exactly what LED strip is right for your project.  Note that not all LED strip will fit into all aluminum bar profiles and minimum order quantities may apply.


Large 4-pin:  

Large 4-pin connectors are ideal for fixtures that require DC power plus clock and data signals.  With the same heavy gauge power wires, they are ideal for long runs of high-wattage fixtures.

Mounting Options

There are a number of ways that these LED bars can be mounted or hung.  We typically use one of the 3 options listed below to mount our LED bars to surfaces in custom installations.  Other options such as cable hangers and truss clamps are available upon request.


  • VHB:  

Simple yet effective, we can ship your LED bars with high-strength 3M VHB tape.  Great for permanent installations, this double-sided adhesive is so strong you could practically do pull-ups on these bars if properly applied (don’t try this at home, kids)!


  • Aluminum Clips:

Aluminum clips allow you to mount your LED bars into any surface you can put a screw into.  Great for installations that need to be removed after a time or when something less permanent than VHB is required.


  • Magnets:

Some of our LED bars can be fitted with powerful neodymium magnets allowing you to slap arrangements of these bars onto any ferrous metal surface.  Great for temporary installations, note that this solution won’t work on aluminum truss.



A note about lead times and minimum order quantities

These fixtures are designed and manufactured to spec by our manufacturing partners.  When you approach us for an order, we will work with you on the exact needs of your project and then build the order to your specifications.  This means that the lead time for large orders could be 3 to 4 weeks.  Send us your request and we’ll work with you to produce exactly what you need as quickly as possible.


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