‘Plastic Reflectic’ by Thijs Biersteker

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Thijs Biersteker brings attention to the rising problem of plastic garbage accumulating in our oceans with his piece, Plastic Reflectic. Using a pixel grid of waterproof engines, motion sensors, and a layer of water, a reflection of the viewer made of plastic pieces forms in the basin of this unique kinetic sculpture.

“Plastic Reflectic (2016) is an interactive kinetic installation that lets the spectator reflect on the concept of the growing plastic problem in our oceans. These plastics move from human waste into nature’s food chain and slowly inter tangle with our muscle and fat tissues, turning humanity slowly into plastic. The installation reflects its audience in plastic pixels made from ocean plastics from around the world. The interaction with the installation empowers the spectator with the thought that their movement at this moment can influence the ever growing plastic problem later.” – Excerpt from Thijs Biersteker’s website.

(Media fromThijs Biersteker’s website)

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