‘Parabolic Lovecloud’

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Made for the Waverley council in Australia, Parabolic Lovecloud, draws inspiration from the nearby coastal views and marine environment. Amigo and amigo connected the installation to the community by having the Parabolic Lovecloud respond with an animation to an individual viewer’s heart rate. The installation’s structure consists of 800 meters of rope made from recycled materials. The loose structure allows for subtle swaying motions and the twenty set light animations move through the work in a wave-like motion. From concept to design, Parabolic Lovecloud connects the local community to the local environment and finds the balance between the two.

The design of the parabolic cloud itself, references the Fibonacci spiral, a mathematical sequence found in nature and considered the golden ratio for perfect balance in all living things.” – Excerpt from amigo and amigo’s website.


(Media from amigo and amigo’s website)


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