‘One State Street’ by Softlab

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“We were commissioned by One State Street to design a permanent wall installation to accompany the building’s new lobby renovation. Our intent was to create an installation that is not distinguishable as a piece of wall mounted art but would act as a different type of material within the lobby. We designed a crystalline structure that activates the lobby by casting a range of vivid light onto the smooth and neutral materials. As visitors approach the security desk the details of the lobby are reflected in the crystalline structure in fragmented and kaleidoscopic ways. The crystalline structure gives the wall a much more spatial and material-like quality. The lightweight aluminum structure is clad in 3M dichroic enhancing the variation of color and reflection depending on the angle it is viewed from giving the piece a different form and color from every angle. We worked with Focus Lighting to design a diffused back lit system of LED fixtures that allows for the piece to be lit evenly. Shifts in the color of the LEDs has dramatically different effects on the Dichroic film”. – Excerpt from Softlab’s website.

[Media from Softlab’s website]


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