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Smode is a scalable media server and live compositing system. It’s typically used to create immersive projected environments (full dome mapping), projection mapped stages & architecture, interactive & reactive media installations, and more. It can be infinitely scaled across multiple computers and its effects engine runs entirely in real time on the GPU. You can read more about SMODE here on their website (https://smode.fr) along with use case examples and tutorials.

We’ll be hosting the first US-based Master Classes for the Smode Media Server platform at the Lumen Labs in Berkeley from March 11th through the 16th. A 5-day deep-dive into the inner workings of the system that will take in beginners and output competent SMODE users. Vincent Le Moigne, one of the developers, artist, and expert technician, will be flying in from Paris to lead the class. We’ll be hosting him and showing him around the light-art scene while he’s in town.

The classes will be hosted at the Lumen Labs by Digital Ambiance (https://digitalambiance.com). Digital Ambiance is a multi-disciplinary design studio that works at the intersection of architectural, artistic, and experiential environments. With a passion for creating bespoke architainment and permanent theatrical installations, we integrate new technology and custom design to build features that come to life and capture the viewers’ attention and imagination.

Hope you’ll join us!

You can purchase your ticket here: Eventbrite

Check out the Facebook event here: SMODE Facebook Event

(Media by Paco Gramaje)


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