Luminous Podcast

The Luminous Podcast is a discussion series featuring artists, designers, and engineers active in the new media art scenes.  Join the host Robb Pope, founder of Digital Ambiance and accomplished light artist, on a journey exploring the landscape of modern visual arts.  The guests range from VJ’s to Sculptural Artists, Lighting techs, VR Designers and everyone in between. The discussions featured on the podcast are an honest, in-depth look at the lives and challenges facing today’s most accomplished and respected voices in the new media, immersive, and visual arts scenes.

Episode 002: Cynthia Cardenas

Welcome to episode 2 of the Luminous podcast.  We just finished up the Smode master classes here at the Lumen Labs.  There were so many cool people here from all over the country to learn all about this amazing new platform.  Tonight I got...

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Episode 001: Brian Pinkham

Hey everyone, welcome to the brand new Luminous Podcast!  This is a new conversational series where I’m going to sit down with new media artists from across the spectrum.  My goal with this program is to give a public voice to the people behind the most amazing...

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