‘Lucia in the Sky’ by Brut Deluxe

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“The light installation is inspired by the images of the nebulae and galaxies realized by the Hubble telescope and the feelings that immediately associate at its contemplation: the hypnotic astonishment facing the immensity of space, the infinity of stars and possible worlds mixed with the recorded memories of the real contemplation of the milky way, also present but steadily further away and apparently unreal due to the lack of darkness of the night sky in more urbanized society each day. Gran Via is orientated east-west and we cover the sky with an artificial nebula, an imaginary milky way, more brilliant, colourful and psychedelic. Lucia is a kitten living on Gran Via and, showing up only casually at determined spots, seems to be trying to catch one of the blinking stars.” – Excerpt from Brut Deluxe’s website.


[Media from Brut Deluxe’s website]

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