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Loop, an installation by Olivier Girouard and Jonathan Villeneuve in collaboration with Ottoblix, consists of 13 large wheel-shaped machines that are based on the 19th-century optical toy, zoetrope. Installed for Luminothérapie in Montreal, Canada, each wheel has a different filmstrip-like sequence of still images based on fairy tales that move when the wheel is operated by visitors. The speed of the images and the pulsing lights is based on how fast the visitors move the interior hand lever in a railway handcar motion. The images are accompanied by music as well a video projection of the fairy tales on two adjacent buildings.

“Hybrid between the music box, the zootrope and the lever stick, this retro-futuristic machine recreates curls of tales animated by the concerted exercise of the passers-by.” – Excerpt from Ottoblix’s website.


(Media from Ottoblix’s website & ArchitecturalLighting.com)

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