NYC Atmosphere in Australia

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Sydney-based lighting design studio, Point of View (POV), created a beautiful lightscape that pulled inspiration from Great Gatsby-era New York. They were recruited by interior design firm Alexander & Co. to transform Adelaide’s landmarked railway station into a romanticized version of a Manhattan-style eatery. They were faced with many lighting challenges throughout the process of illuminating the heritage-protected former railway station.

One of the challenges was how to illuminate the tables without installing overhead fixtures in the ceiling. The solution…streetlight-esque luminaires for above the banquettes, which simulated the feel of dining al fresco on park benches. POV retrofitted a decorative bronze outdoor wall fixture with a 3.2W 2700K filament-style LED lamp and two MR16 LED downlights, along a free-standing pole-style armature. The combination of the two fixture heads provided highlight and ambient light for the diners.


POV seamlessly integrated many of the lighting fixtures into the existing architecture. Wherever fixtures weren’t integrated, they were hidden. In the bar area, they used LED strips underneath the brass countertop and behind the perforated brass panel that silhouettes the glasses and creates a sparkle effect.



The combination of historic architecture with stylish lighting design created a unique dining experience.  See more photos and details of this project here.


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