‘Light Pollination’

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“Light Pollination is an interactive digital artwork designed by UniversalAssemblyUnit and commissioned by architectural lighting company iGuzzini, to celebrate the power of light as vehicle for social innovation.

Exporing our future relationship to light, the artwork features around 20,000 individual points of LED light brought to the surface through fibre optics, and is dotted with hidden sensors. When light is shone onto the artwork, it immediately responds by generating progressively wider and faster light bursts. This creates a pollinating effect across the artwork, completely transforming its landscape. It suddenly resembles an open meadow pulsating with the flickering lights of fireflies, looking more vibrant as dusk descends and the evening light wanes.

The installation was on display during London Design Festival 2016, located in the Brompton Design District.” – Excerpt from Universal Assembly Unit’s website.

Check out the photos and video below:





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