‘Life In The Dark’ by Jason Bruges Studio

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“The Natural History Museum were keen to create an inspiring learning environment that brings to life the habitats and behaviors of creatures that live in the dark. Working closely with exhibition designers, Nissen Richards Studio, Jason Bruges Studio worked towards interactive experiences that are multisensory and dynamic. The installations combine science with art and technology to bring visitors closer to nature. The journey begins with a charming multi-layered projection artwork that takes visitors through a woodland as night falls. Animated foxes, owls and badgers reveal their playful nocturnal habits. As the visitor reaches complete darkness they discover a bat cave. The immersive environment uses a clever combination of custom controlled LEDs and shadow play to emulate being among a colony of flying bats.  In the deep ocean, visitors learn about the magic of bioluminescence. Jason Bruges Studio designed a voxel of 1500 LEDs. The immersive volume is programmed to represent the different behaviors exhibited by sea creatures that use light to hunt, hide, reproduce and survive.” – Excerpt from Jason Bruges Studio.

[Media from Jason Bruges Studio’s website]

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