‘Infinity (Titles of Virtual Space)’

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Gabriel Pulecio used light and sound to create the illusion of a vast and expansive space in their installation, Infinity (Titles of Virtual Space). The installation consists of wall tiles made of laser-cut double mirrors and LED strips. When a viewer enters the space, animations are triggered and move from the floor tiles up the walls. These animations reflect off the mirrors infinitely, creating the illusion of a vast infinite space.  As a viewer moves through the installation more animations are triggered and build a complex light pattern.

“Infinity is intended as a space for reflection and self awareness. It is founded on an idea of a technology that is not distracting us from where we are but quite the opposite. Infinity reminds us that we are here, in the present moment, and that every step taken in any direction creates new ripples of light in time, building infinite structures of light that only can be seen by looking a bit further away than our own reflection” – Excerpt from Gabriel Pulecio’s website.

(Media from Gabriel Pulecio’s website)

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